National Guard Honorable Discharge

It is not necessary to request a duplicate copy of a veteran’s discharge or separation papers solely for the purpose of filing a claim for VA benefits. Standard Form 180 and Replacing Military Records

Six years in the National Guard or Reserves For veterans, whether you were regular military or in the Reserves or Guard, a key component will be the nature of your discharge. Generally, three types of discharges may be automatically acceptable to the VA when it comes to evaluating home loan eligibility: honorable (hon), Under Honorable.

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If you were discharged from the Selected Reserves or the National Guard, you must include copies of adequate documentation of at least 6 years of honorable service. If you were discharged from the Army or Air Force National Guard, you may submit NGB Form 22, Report of Separation and Record of Service, or NGB Form 23, Retirement Points.

write to: National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Ave, St Louis, MO 63132-5100 Include COPY of DD form 214 (discharge) that includes father’ service number. Probably would be social security.

Soldiers who serve in the Army Reserve are eligible for several benefits after discharge, including healthcare and death benefits. If you are dishonorably discharged, you lose all access to benefits. If you retire from the Reserves after at least 20 years of service, you are entitled to greater benefits than soldiers.

Honorably Discharged veterans are eligible for funeral honors. When available, New York State’s military forces provide this service at no cost to the families or funeral homes. We are honored to provide these services for departed veterans and their families. Consists of: Chaplain (When requested and if.

The National Guard discharge document is known as NGB-22 and you won’t get credit for serving in the Guard without it. For all intents and purposes, it is exactly like the DD214-the NGB-22 shows the nature of your discharge, time served and other critical information a recruiter would need to process your enlistment.

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