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Realtors reveal some of the hidden fees involved in the selling process.. Before you put your house on the market, your real estate agent will likely provide. The title company contracts attorneys to write a deed, the legal.

You may be estimating that you can sell your property for $350,000 and pay off your $200,000 home loan and reap a $150,000 benefit. But before you start counting your dollars and debating the size of the down payment for your next home, you need to calculate the closing costs for seller.

There will be some miscellaneous title fees as well. Attorney’s fees-Illinois is one of 2 states that I know of that has real estate attorneys close transactions. Their fees tend to range in the 0-0 range. survey fee-If you are selling a detached single family house, you will need to get a survey of the property. This usually costs.

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The real estate commission is usually the biggest fee a seller pays – 5 percent to 6 percent of the sale price. So, if you sell your house for $250,000, you could end up paying $15,000 in.

Cost: $150 to $500 for attorney fee, according to, and the settlement fee is around $2 per $1,000 in sales price, according to Money Crashers Any additional state requirements Check with your agent or attorney for state-specific requirements not mentioned here.

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These fees are vaguely explained during the selling process, but it is helpful to ask questions so you fully understand how closing costs can impact your budget when buying and selling your house. Here’s a closer look at the 4 hidden costs of buying a house: Buying A House: Legal Fees and Disbursements

Attorney Counsel Fees – Closing on a home in NY requires an attorney’s services and they are going to want to get paid for their hard work. A good attorney will make sure you are 100% protected when selling your house and ensure the paperwork is processed correctly.

HOA fees are a very real cost for many homeowners. to a collection agency or having an attorney send collection letters.

Real estate attorney fees vary. Some charge by the hour with rates ranging from $150 to $350 per hour, while others offer a fixed rate to conduct a real estate closing. Expect to pay $500 to as much as $1,500 if you hire an attorney.